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Mantsinen 70

The Mantsinen 70 is a combination of speed, power, and intelligence. Designed for versatile material handling needs, the machine streamlines operations and improves efficiency, and productivity.

The Mantsinen 70 is designed for various material handling needs at ports, terminals, and mills and it is tailored especially for round-wood and scrap handling.

Excellent visibility and ergonomics

The large stainless steel cabin has been designed with the operator in mind and it is made to last even in the most demanding and corrosive environments. The silent and low vibration cabin creates the most comfortable work environment possible for the operator.

The Mantsinen Cab Elevator takes you to unprecedented heights

Mantsinen cabins can be equipped with a fixed or hydraulic suspension, which you can use to position the cabin hydraulically so that you have a perfect view of the ship or workplace.

Every customer application is different and requires a specific undercarriage to get the machine to the right place as efficiently as possible. That is why Mantsinen cranes are available in all possible undercarriage variants: tracks, tires, rails, stationary, on pontoon, with portal,…

Crawler gantry

A crawler gantry provides logistic freedom by allowing trucks or railcars pass through the under carriage. Additionally the machine cycle time and truck waiting times can be minimized due to the optimized swing angle.

Mobile undercarriage

The solid rubber tire mobile undercarriage provides great mobility in this machine size. Simultaneously or individually controllable outriggers permit stable 360° operation with full loads even in demanding conditions.

Mobile gantry undercarriage

A mobile gantry undercarriage combines great mobility and logistic freedom by allowing trucks or railcars pass through the under carriage. Also the cycle time can be minimized due to the optimized swing angle.

Rail gantry

A rail gantry allows you to make optimal use of existing or new rails and is also perfect for an electric drive. You can move the machine under load and let trucks or train cars drive under the crane.

Mantsinen cranes are available with diesel engine, electric motor or DualPower™.

All Mantsinen machines are available fully electrified with all undercarriage options. Electric versions provide full performance with low energy and maintenance costs and low noise levels without exhaust emissions.

Volvo Penta diesel engines are known in the material handling industry for their high performance, low fuel consumption and durability.

Mantsinen Dualpower™ technology combines the advantages of an electric machine with the versatility of a diesel machine.

It combines the best features of both electric motors and diesel engines. Resulting in a union of mobility, productivity and advanced environmental friendliness.

The electric motor offers significantly lower energy and service costs without diesel exhaust emissions and reduced noise emissions. The powerful electric motor and diesel engine are located side by side in the shared engine cabinet. The system is based on dual motor interface pump gear. The power source can be switched easily with a separation clutch.

Mantsinen Hybrilift® energy recovery reduces energy consumption and costs by up to 50%.

Mantsinen began testing and developing Hybrilift® already in 2006. With Hybrilift®, the energy generated by lowering the boom is accumulated and reused, which significantly reduces fuel consumption and emissions. Once the main boom is lowered, oil is pumped from a cylinder to pressure accumulators where the gas pressure increases and energy is accumulated.

This stored energy is used to raise the boom and stick. More load is lifted with less energy. Mantsinen Hybrilift® material handlers have smaller diesel engines or electric motors than their traditional counterparts. This improves fuel economy, and lowers emissions as well as reduces service costs.

Always the right attachment for the job

Mantsinen designs and manufactures attachments in-house. The experience that we have gained from decades of operating machines ourselves has given us an edge over other tooling manufacturers. The focus is always on having the best possible tool for each application and material being handled.

In cases where the load and material are well defined, we can optimize both the attachment and the crane for the specific task, like feeding chemicals for a fertilizer company, loading logs onto trucks, or feeding grain into a silo.

In most cases there is a need for multi-purpose attachment, for example at a commercial port where their daily business needs vary greatly. In these cases we offer standard or custom made buckets, grabs, hooks, and spreaders, which can be interchanged in a blink of an eye using our robust quick coupling system.

Whatever goods you want to handle, we have a solution for your application.

Let our specialists advise you.

Our specialists are ready to advise you on the terminal layout, organization and necessary machines for your project.

Based on a financial and operational analysis, we map out the operational flow and gain insight into any efficiency losses, bottlenecks or other operational problems.

This allows us to propose a tailor-made solution that increases efficiency and profitability. As icing on the cake, we provide you with 3D animations, drawings, ground pressure calculations, Total Cost of Operation calculations, etc.

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