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Werken bij Vandendorpe - Heavy Handling

“Every day we do the maximum with our service technicians to provide the best possible service to our customers!”

Geert - Dispatch Electric

“Transportation to and from our workshop is an essential part of our business. Every day is a new challenge!”

Joeri - Driver

“Working on a top product like Linde gives satisfaction every day!”

Christophe - Service Technician


1. Apply

Do any of the above vacancies appeal to you? Then don’t hesitate and apply today!

It is very simple to apply. Send your details and your resume to us and we will contact you as soon as possible.

2. Getting to know each other

Before we start the real job application, we always want to get to know you first. Therefore, we schedule a first introductory interview as soon as possible. This interview is more of an orientation interview. Of course, we know a little bit about you from your resume, but not enough. An introductory interview is therefore ideal to get to know you better as a person.

3. First interview

After the introductory interview, we would like to invite you to the first job interview. Your knowledge and abilities will be questioned here. This way we can find out whether you are the man or woman we are looking for.

4. Second interview

Before making a final decision, we invite the best candidates for a second interview. The second interview is primarily hands-on.

5. Proposition

At this stage, you are number one. During this interview, a number of formal matters are settled, such as salary, vacation days, etc.


6. First day on the job

Congratulations! You may join our team. Your first day is of course always very exciting but our fantastic team will be delighted to put you at ease.