Maintenance of your machines at the rhythm of your company

ccurate periodic maintenance by a specialized technician is a real must. Why? This way, any malfunctions are noticed at an early stage and can be addressed immediately. This allows you to avoid complicated breakdowns.

Pay per intervention

If you choose to have us carry out the maintenance on a timely basis, we will always plan annual maintenance visits and safety inspections in consultation with you. All maintenance is carried out according to factory specifications. All maintenance and repair costs are invoiced on a subsequent calculation basis.

Fixed price maintenance guarantee

You can also opt for a maintenance contract that provides for fixed maintenance costs in accordance with the manufacturer’s regulations.

Request service intervention

Your parts are available!

Machines that stand still cost a lot of money. We believe that the lack of the right spare parts should rarely be the reason. That is why we have more than 450,000 parts in our warehouse that we can deliver or assemble immediately. They are all original factory parts that meet the strict ISO 9001:2008 quality requirements!

Do you want to order parts? Call us and we will be happy to help you: +32 (0)55 23 20 00

Construction & Bodywork

Our separate construction and bodywork department ensure that every step of our service can be carried out entirely in-house!

Construction adjustments based on your specific requirements, overhaul of cylinders and rear axles, in short, all specialized welding work is carried out entirely in-house! In addition, our bodywork department takes care of the repair of the bodywork so that every machine looks like new again!


Do you have a machine in mind but would you like to keep your own resources for other things? Then you can get financing from us. Choose the term over which you want to spread the repayments. At the end of this period you can buy the machine for a predetermined residual value.

Why should you choose financing?

This allows you to spread your investment and it also offers tax benefits.

In addition to our financing options, we also offer flexible rental solutions from 1 day to several years! Contact us and we will make you a proposal fully adapted to your needs!

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Brevet - Safety & Education

Safety and training are top priorities!

Thanks to our partnership with Brevet, you can follow a forklift, reach truck or aerial work platform training with us as an individual or in a group.

Depending on the customer’s wishes, an open group training course can be joined or a fully customized training course can be provided on location at the customer’s location.

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Fleet Management: Linde Connect

Digitalization is changing the world of intralogistics. Modern logistics software programs continuously collect data, which is analyzed and can then be used to optimize complex warehouse and transportation processes. Thanks to networks and advanced sensors, the trucks can even work autonomously. As a result, the fleet and fleet management are becoming intelligent and networking and real-time data access are becoming increasingly important.

The fleet management system Linde connect: provides exactly the information you need for efficient fleet management. Whether in the production hall or in the warehouse, connect: connects your forklift trucks with each other and continuously informs you about the current status of the entire fleet. connect: makes fleet management more cost-effective and increases the availability of each individual forklift. You can choose between the local connect:desk fleet management software or the connect:cloud, a cloud-based version.

Energy solutions

A suitable system for every situation

The choice of the energy system has become an increasingly important factor in intralogistics, with special attention paid to the Total Cost of Ownership, or TCO for short. Not only the price plays an important role when purchasing a truck, but also the operating costs and therefore the energy costs. Each application has its own requirements. Consider aspects such as space required for refueling or charging, energy costs and sustainability. That is why, in addition to combustion engines and lead-acid batteries, lithium-ion batteries and fuel cells are increasingly being mentioned as a possible solution. Ask our expert for advice now!

Warehouse Solutions

Well-designed products and solutions that meet the individual requirements of your warehouse one hundred percent and are perfectly matched to each other. That is Van den Dorpe’s strength. Whether it concerns customer-specific internal transport solutions, fleet management and automation, advice on material flow planning, fleet optimization or safety.

Each warehouse has its own needs and basic requirements in terms of internal transport and warehouse design. And every different company requires something different from its products and solutions. Whether it concerns (advice on) the right truck or rack, your business processes, infrastructure or IT systems. Our experts are happy to advise you on the right warehouse solutions.