Heavy Handling is the proud importer of TII Kamag for the BENELUX. This top German manufacturer offers the perfect solution for the internal transport of trailers, container chassis and swap bodies within your logistics organization.

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Kamag Precision Tractor

The KAMAG PT is a tractor designed specifically for moving all common semi-trailers and container chassis accurately and quickly. With clever details, it sets new standards for performance, safety and ergonomics. Thanks to its unique maneuverability, it shortens maneuvering times and increases efficiency in yard operations.

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Kamag Swap Body Transporter

The KAMAG PrecisionMover, also known as the “Weasel,” is unbeatable maneuverability and speed. In doing so, it is suitable for all common container sizes. The name says it all: In site logistics, the driver has to accelerate, brake, turn, position, maneuver and reverse hundreds of times a day. The KAMAG PM can do this much more efficiently than any other vehicle at the depot. There are currently more than 2,000 KAMAG PMs in use in about 20 European countries. These numbers are on the rise.

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